how we started

Brian Kennedy is an affluent Cheshire based entrepreneur who had the privilege of engaging in a house building exercise for a poor family based in Mexico, some years ago. Brian’s own teenage family joined him in the project and afterwards Brian felt that it was one of the greatest experiences he had been able to give his own children, particularly as they had benefited from a privileged background and were unaware of the fact that some children are raised in extreme poverty. The “hands on” approach to the project gave his family an opportunity to see and feel how other children have to live and how lifestyle can often just be an accident of birth.

The experience affected Brian profoundly and in 2008 he established his foundation, BKT. His aim was to look for an opportunity in the UK to develop a similar type of project as Mexico, focusing on the personal developmental needs of young people and to engage more affluent families in helping poorer people in their own communities. Although Brian’s vision has not been developed in this particular form the needs of young people remains a central strand in the work of the Trust as it continues to explore opportunities of need.

who we are

The Trust manages to keep its overheads to a bare minimum and only employs one person, Linda Miles as Director. Linda worked for many years in the publishing industry, travelling the world in her role and decided to switch careers after she was made redundant in 2009. Brian invited Linda to come on board and initially research the charitable sector in order to identify the areas in which BKT could focus upon. As Brian’s sister, she was in an ideal position to share and support his philanthropic vision.

what we do

We continually support opportunities which improve the lives of children and their families by working in partnership with charitable and public sector organisations who are likeminded.

This website was designed in conjunction with the pupils from
Saint Peter and Paul Catholic College, Widnes, Cheshire
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